Friday, January 18

Creating a Home Bar

In an effort to introduce a little more boozin' into our lives, Laurent and I put together a home bar this week, complete with glasses from Fish's Eddy and tools from NYC's Cocktail Kingdom.

We've tried our hand at a few whiskey sours and French 75s, but I'm ready to try some of the recipes over at The Backyard Bartender.

I think my next attempt will be the Bloodhound:

- 8 raspberries
- 1.5 oz gin
- .5 sweet vermouth
- .5 oz. dry vermouth
- .25 oz. lemon juice
- splash of simple syrup

It seems pretty easy... just muddle the raspberries with the simple syrup, fill a mixing glass with ice and pour in the raspberry/simple syrup mixture, gin, vermouth, and lemon juice.  Shake, strain, drink.  I can do that.

P.S.  We used this book for some guidance, and we've got our eye on this one, too.

Photo Credit: Lovely Girls Events

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