Friday, January 18

Creating a Home Bar

In an effort to introduce a little more boozin' into our lives, Laurent and I put together a home bar this week, complete with glasses from Fish's Eddy and tools from NYC's Cocktail Kingdom.

We've tried our hand at a few whiskey sours and French 75s, but I'm ready to try some of the recipes over at The Backyard Bartender.

I think my next attempt will be the Bloodhound:

- 8 raspberries
- 1.5 oz gin
- .5 sweet vermouth
- .5 oz. dry vermouth
- .25 oz. lemon juice
- splash of simple syrup

It seems pretty easy... just muddle the raspberries with the simple syrup, fill a mixing glass with ice and pour in the raspberry/simple syrup mixture, gin, vermouth, and lemon juice.  Shake, strain, drink.  I can do that.

P.S.  We used this book for some guidance, and we've got our eye on this one, too.

Photo Credit: Lovely Girls Events

Saturday, January 5

Happy New Year!

How have you been spending 2013?  So far, we've cooked up a couple enormous brunches (eggs, toast, hash browns, fruit salad - you name it, we ate it), completed a little pre-spring cleaning, and dove head first into a pile of books we've received over the holidays.  And, we finally got around to ordering a chair for our desk, so watch out, world.  Productivity in this apartment is about to soar!

This year, I've resolved to master the art of preparing chocolate mousse, watch more Criterion films, be mindful of all the food we have in our fridge (I reluctantly admit that too often we're tossing expired food), and really unwind throughout the chilly winter.

Photo Credit: Old Brand New
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