Monday, December 17

Stocking Stuffers VI

Today I wanted to highlight one of my favorite jewelry designers, Kate Miss of For Me, For You.  She recently started working with clay and I'm crazy about this piece.

Photo Credit: Kate Miss Jewelry

Sunday, December 9

Stocking Stuffers V

I might be exceeding the stocking space, but let's assume you have a rather oversized stocking this year.  Fill it with this striped tote bag from West Elm.  It's a classic unisex style that's perfect for toting groceries, taking a weekend trip, or heading to the beach.  Now that my primary mode of transportation is my own two feet, I've found that a reusable, collapsable tote is my best friend.  

Photo Credit: West Elm

Saturday, December 8

Stocking Stuffers IV

For the wino in your life, a reusable grain sack to transport wine.  Wouldn't this be beautiful for a fall picnic?  I'll admit it's a little pricey, but it sure beats all the cheap liquor store wine bags I've ever seen.

Photo Credit: French Farmhouse

Wednesday, December 5

Stocking Stuffers III

Looking for a little artwork to brighten up your kitchen?  I recently saw a framed tea towel, and I've been searching for some affordable tea towels to put in our itty bitty kitchen.  Here's a cheery teacup towel that's just in my price range.

Photo Credit: Suzy Jack

Tuesday, December 4

Stocking Stuffers II

Full disclosure number one: I work at Anthropologie, so my fondness for this item might be based on the mere exposure effect.  Full disclosure number two: this bird note holder is adorable.  With a face like that, $18 seems low.

Photo Credit: Everyday Lovely
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