Tuesday, October 16

Horror Movie October

Laurent and I are ringing in year two of Horror Movie October, and I'm turning to the interwebs for some advice.  This year we've watched: An American Werewolf in Paris, Halloween, and The Thing, and we have Silence of the Lambs, Rosemary's Baby, and the Exorcist waiting in the wings (against my better judgement).

Any suggestions?  The campier the better, and I would prefer to not be traumatized. 

Photo Credit: The Eye of Faith

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  1. Bethy and I (Colin [Hey, remember us!]) are watching one horror movie a day for all of October. The best scary one so far has been The Last Exorcism, but the best campy ones have both had Vincent Price in them. Theatre or Blood has a washed-up, presumed-dead Shakespearean actor (Price) taking revenge on all the theater critics who maligned him. Each of their deaths is inspired by killings in the plays. Diana Rigg is in it as well as a horde of vagabonds whose predilection for drinking rubbing alcohol has left them moronic and easily under the sway of Mr. Price's control. The other was The Masque of the Red Death which takes the classic Poe story and adds a healthy injection of Satanism and "120 Days of Sodom."


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