Wednesday, September 12

The Daybed

My sister and her boyfriend are coming to visit next month, which means that I'm in the process (the very early stages) of finding a sleeping solution.  Our Ikea couch is comfy for one, but a little cramped to accomodate two guests. 

I stumbled upon this vintage army day bed which folds up, and while this might not be the most sturdy of solutions - Have you ever slept on one?  They can be rickety as hell. - it is the most beautiful use of a cot I've seen.  I would love to have a spot next to a window to curl up and read if it looked like this!

Photo Credit: Hickory and Juniper


  1. I wonder who has the brown one we had down at the lake????????

  2. I know! That one was so sturdy and comfy! We need to poll the fam to find its wearabouts.


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