Monday, September 17

Farms Near NYC

Laurent and I are looking to take a little day trip soon, and we've settled on visiting a farm for fresh food, apple picking, and animal petting. We're just waiting for the weather to cool a few more degrees so we can enjoy some crisp autumn weather.

I've heard great reviews about the Stone Barns Farm and Fishkill Farms... but I thought I would go to the interwebs to solicit more suggestions*.  Anyone in the NYC area have some tips?  We would love to take the Metro North train along the Hudson River again!

* Ideally the farm would have: hiking nearby, a piglet petting area, apple cider doughnuts available, and a bluegrass band playing throughout our visit.  We will settle for 3 out of the 4. The doughnuts are non-negotiable.

Photo Credit: The Daily Muse

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