Wednesday, August 1

August Arrives!

Whew, July flew past me so quickly.  I realized there's a number of things still on my summer to-do list, and I'm hoping August will allow me some time to:

  • Take a train ride up north and hike for the day
  • Go to Central Park with enough food (Boylan's! Fruit salad! Paninis!) and books to get me through the day
  • Rent bikes and explore Governor's Island
  • See in a movie in the park (I'm crossing my fingers that Coming to America wins Viewer's Choice)
  • Try out some new ice cream parlors

Do you have any big summer plans you still want to accomplish?  I think I'm going to have a little staycation here in NYC to just enjoy the beautiful weather before it fades away. 

Photo Credit: A Cup of Jo

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