Wednesday, July 18

A Little Shopping Rule

Each month or so I sort through my closet, trying to keep only my very favorite can't-live-without-'em pieces.  Now that our apartment is a measly 250 square feet, this ritual is now a necessity. 

So a few months ago I started thinking about ways to be more conscious about my clothing purchases and I came up with a rule that I think has improved my closet, curbed my shopping, and helped my bank account in the process:

"Is this something I would and could pass along to my children?"

Granted I don't have any children, so this question is purely hypothetical, but it's a really succinct question that helps me to think about what I buy.  It helps me weed out the overly trendy pieces that will only work for a few seasons and forces me to focus on the quality of a piece rather than just the price tag (those sales can be so tempting!). 

What do you think?  Do you have any tips for more mindful shopping? 

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