Tuesday, June 12

In the Kitchen: Raspberry Ice Cream Pie

Whoa baby, I cannot wait to try this recipe Whitney Johnson of eat sleep cuddle shared over on Rockstar Diaries. Won't you join me for a guaranteed-to-be-delicious summer treat?


1 pkg (6 oz.) of raspberry Jello
1 container (1.5 qts) of vanilla ice cream
fresh raspberries
8 graham crackers
6 Tbs. butter
2 Tbs. sugar


Crush graham crackers and mix together with butter & sugar. Press evenly into dish and chill in refrigerator for at least 15 minutes.

Add 2 cups of boiling water to a package of raspberry jello in a large bowl and stir until dissolved. Add 1 container of vanilla ice cream to water & jello mixture, and stir until ice cream is evenly mixed throughout.  Pour into prepared graham cracker crust, and put in the refrigerator to let set for about 2 hours.  Serve with fresh raspberries.

Photo Credit: Rockstar Diaries

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  1. good to eat after wisdom teeth retreat


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