Friday, June 29

Have a Charming Weekend!

Do you all have some fun plans for the weekend?  It's been a long and hectic week filled with one technology mishap after the other, so I'm looking forward to some cold beers and laughs. 

Can you believe how quickly summer is flying by?  I can't wait until I have some time off next week with my family back in Indianapolis.  The pool awaits!

Some round-ups from the world wide web...

- Take a look at Andean Collection's lookbook... I love the Infinity Scarf in quarry and the Lupe Hat in ivory.  I think it's time to start saving up my pennies so I can travel to the beautiful Dominican Republic.
- A helpful guide for buying organic produce
- Anyone attending a summer wedding?  Check this dress out... I will take it off your hands afterward
- A gorgeous and inviting home tour over on DesignSponge.  What is it with these Kinfolk people?  Were they all bred to have cozy home and gorgeous wardrobes?
- An interesting study on the effects of family dinners
- Haha, AV Club you do it every time

Photo Credit: That Kind of Woman

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