Thursday, June 7

Glass Beach

Have you all heard of Glass Beach?  It's part of the MacKerricher Park in Fort Bragg, California and was once the site of an unrestricted dump. 

In the early 1900s, residents of Fort Bragg discarded their trash - bottles, appliances, and even cars - over the cliffs of what is now known as Glass Beach.  For years, the cliffs remained cluttered and the problem was largely unacknowledged by officials in the area.  However, Mother Nature took the matter into her own hands, tumbling the discarded bottles into beautiful, polished glass pebbles.  

Public officials have since removed the larger debris and trash from the water, and what's left is a glimmering beach.

P.S. You can find similar beaches in Benicia, California, Guantanamo, Cuba and Kauai, Hawaii. 

Photo Credit:  Unfinished Man

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