Friday, May 18

How Common is Your Birthday?

Isn't this birthday chart pretty cool?  The New York Times ran a piece way back in December of 2006, which shows how common it is to be born on any day of the year.  The study, conducted by Amitabh Chandra at Harvard University, looked at births from 1973-1999.  

September birthdays (not surprisingly) are the most common... indicating that people prefer to spread the love around the cold winter holidays.  Isn't it surprising that you don't see more births near the middle of November (nine months after Valentine's Day)?

And since we're talking about birthdays, happy birthday to my friend Katelyn!  Hope you enjoy your big day!

Source: The New York Times, via A Cup of Jo

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout Lauren!!! Miss ya!! Lovin' the blog!


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