Friday, May 4

Have a Lively Weekend!

Hope you all have some fun plans this weekend.  I'm back in NYC following a few days in Dallas, and let me tell you... it's nice to be out of the humidity! 

I'm really looking forward to unwinding a bit tonight, sleeping in tomorrow, making some homemade cinnamon rolls and then celebrating Cinco de Mayo!  We're also having dog adoption day at work tomorrow, so I'm getting excited already to have some pup exposure. 

Did anyone tune into Veep?  I have to catch up on the second episode, but I thought the pilot was great!  So happy to see Buster in a another good role. 

P.P.S. Did you know that Cinco de Mayo, while celebrated nationwide in the U.S., is only regionally celebrated in Mexico, in the state of Puebla?  We'll take any excuse to stuff our faces and drink!  Do you have any plans?

Photo Credit: The Selby

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