Tuesday, May 22

Do or Don't: Maxi Skirts

Well, I think it's official... the maxi skirt/dress trend is here to stay.  I have to say, I've never even tried one on because most look too long for my height, but I'm seeing more and more options pop up that are making me reconsider.  They seem like the perfect option for those cool spring nights when you want something easy, but pulled together. 

You can find some cute options here, here, and here

Photo Credit: Pinterest


  1. Thank the lawd. I always knew you'd come around (not really) to maxi skirts on us shorties. I have two hanging in my closet now, I thought I was going to have to hide them when ever you come to town. Now it will be maxi or nothing.;)

  2. I hate em. I have to say though that even I am slowly warming up to them when worn by others. Never on myself, I can't imagine one of those ever looking good one me, but the tall ladies do technically pull it off.


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