Tuesday, April 24

Touch Tours

Those who know me well know that reading A Cup of Jo is my favorite morning routine.  Joanna balances posts about fashion and design with relevant world news and how-tos, so she manages to keep my attention more than any news source or blog out there.

Well, this morning she wrote about museum touch tours, where individuals who are blind or partially-sighted are allowed to touch artwork in places like the MoMA, Met, and Whitney.  I can't say I had ever heard about this, so I was completely intrigued.  What a beautiful opportunity for visitors to explore works of art in an accessible way. 

* As a general rule, I try to come up with my own original posts, but I thought this was such a beautiful idea that I could break my rule and share someone else's post with you all... Thanks for the information, Joanna!

Photo Credit: Matt Ducklo

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