Monday, April 16

NYC Garden

Our apartment has caused me to accept a number of things: we will never be able to have more than two overnight guests at a time (and that's pushing it), we won't be able to cook a whole turkey in our oven, and bicycles are going to have to wait until we move into a different building. 

But one of the trickier issues is how to fit and grow plants in our apartment.  We have three windows, but only one gets enough sunlight to support a living plant, and that window sill just happens to house our A.C. and our radiator. 

I've been looking into hanging planters lately, and it seems like the perfect solution.  I love these from PUTIKMADE, for sale on their Etsy site.  Does anyone have any advice for growing succulents, like those shown in the picture?  I don't have any experience with them, but they're for sale all over NYC, so I imagine they're hearty enough to survive studio apartment growing conditions. 

Photo Credit: PUTIKMADE

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