Tuesday, March 27

Today's my Day!

Do you guys shop online for clothes?  I'm always so hesitant to buy because it seems like a hassle to ship clothes back, wait for the refund, and fork over $7 just to try something on.   But yesterday, I spotted this little vintage looking sweater on The Daily Muse and threw my online shopping theory out the window.  Unfortunately, they were sold out of nearly every size, including mine. 

I pouted and sulked and considered drastic weight loss to squeeze myself into a size 2.  This morning, I looked back just admire it once more and found not only did they have my size back in stock*, but they were having a 20% off, free shipping, free returns promotion.  Hallejujah!  The clothing gods spoke, and they wanted me to have this for spring. 

Fingers crossed it fits because I'm already very attached.  It's the type of piece you always hope to find when rifling through a vintage store, but never do. 

*Many sizes have sold out since this morning, just FYI.  Hurry if you like it!

Photo Credit: Boden USA

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