Tuesday, March 13

Picking out a Little Buddy

A few years ago, my friend Julia and I bought her nephew one of his very first stuffed animals.  He carries it everywhere and I'll admit it warmed my heart when I received a photo of him cozying up with his little buddy.  Now that her sister is expecting another little one, the pressure is on to find an equally adorable option for baby #2.

Seriously, the pressure is ON.  Mediocre stuffed animals will fall by the wayside, but there's usually one that sticks with kids well into their formative years.  I packed mine with me when I headed to NYC, and I have no plans of giving it away anytime soon. 

Aren't these adorable options from Etsy's Forestblue Factory?

Photo Credit: 1, 2, 3


  1. I think I have narrowed it down to Jiffy the Giraffe or the Mel the Monkey!

    1. What about the infamous Elmo?

  2. Mary believe me when I say there are at least 100 elmos in that house. Jake is obsessed!


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