Tuesday, March 6

Off We Go!

Laurent and I are on va-ca-tion!  We're looking forward to a little dose of ravioli and Friday Night Lights tonight and we have plans to finally go to Ess-a-Bagel together tomorrow morning before our flight. 

I think I over-packed slightly, but I really tried to stick to my packing instructions.  It's hard when you have such varied activities planned.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we'll be hanging out with my family, and Saturday and Sunday we have hiking and birthday celebrations planned with Laurent's family in Bloomington.  Plus, I fly directly to Boston for a work conference, so I had to bring some dressy attire for that.  Tricky packing job, I tell ya. 

Most important things in my suitcase: Ticket to Ride and Kenny's Juicy Twists Licorice.  They're both equally addictive for the Newkirk family.

Photo Credit: Sorakeem

1 comment:

  1. Is the licorice in a separate suitcase all it's own??? See ya soon


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