Saturday, March 10

Living Plastic Free

In 2010, Taina Uitto made a commitment to live plastic free for an entire year.  She tracked her experiences and gives tips and alternatives on plastic-free life on her Plastic Manners blog.  You can also see a few tips on Apartment Therapy

I know it's a huge undertaking to give up plastic for an entire year, but I think she has some great tips you can incorporate into your everyday life.  Each week, I'm shocked how much recycling Laurent and I accumulate.  Usually by day three, we've filled up our recycling bin and things are starting to overflow!  Recycling is great, but refusing plastic in the first place is even better.  I'm hoping to become more conscious of that in the coming months to help out the environment and avoid the dungeon-like recycling center in our apartment building.  Seriously, it's a scary place and I try to avoid it at all costs.

What do you think?  Are there some plastics that you could never give up?  It's hard when so many companies are lax about their packaging! 

P.S. Have you seen Seventh Generation's new laundry detergent bottles on shelves recently? 

Photo Credit: BC Living

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