Friday, March 2

Listening Library: Frankie Rose

I hate to say it, but approximately 80% of my new music suggestions these days come from songs played at Urban Outfitters.  Laurent heard a few tracks from Frankie Rose's new album - Interstellar- while he was working, and we've been playing the rest of the album pretty frequently ever since.  Frankie Rose was part of some pretty amazing groups before going solo, including one of my personal go-to's, Dum Dum Girls

I wish I had heard more of her solo work before this week because she just played a show in Brooklyn in February, but I imagine she'll be adding more shows soon as Interstellar was just dubbed "Best New Music" from Pitchfork

Enjoy!  It's pretty hard to not get up and dance around like an '80s Brat Packer during this song. 

Photo Credit: KCRW Music Blog

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