Friday, March 30

Have a Breezy Weekend!

Hope you all have a chance to kick back and have some fun this weekend!  My friend Kirk is in town tomorrow, so I'm going to try to show him some of my favorite spots, which are essentially all restaurants.  I have my fingers crossed the rain holds off... New Yorkers can be an angry bunch when the umbrellas come out.

Sunday, I have plans to load up my iPod with some newer tunes, like Tennis' newest album, check out this dress at J.Crew and bring home some spring plants for the apartment.   

P.S. My sister is coming to the Big Apple next week for 5 whole days!  I already have reservations for Sarabeth's and we're hoping to get in some good spring flea markets on next weekend.  I can't wait to have a partner in crime in the city!

Photo Credit: unknown

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