Monday, February 27

Weekend Wrap-Up

Last week was one of those weeks where I was able to  tackle a bunch of tasks that had been building for weeks (okay, some had been building for months).  I took all the ill-fitting items in my closet to the tailor, hand sewed a few of my tops, and got around to some larger work-related tasks.  I also gave myself a little teeny transitioning-into-spring treat from J.Crew. 

In an attempt to erase the Big Cheesy grilled cheese competition from my mind, I went on my own little NYC eating adventure.  After Lombardi's on Saturday (go for the plain ol' Margherita pizza) and City Bakery on Sunday, I was only thinking about the Big Cheesy every 5 minutes or so... Big Cheesy what?  You can see my City Bakery treat below... The pretzel croissant was delicious, but the hot chocolate was approximately 95% chocolate and 5% milk.  I would only recommend sharing a small with a friend.  It was intense, even for a hot chocolate lover like myself. 

Last night, in a City Bakery-induced high, I laid out some goals to focus on in the upcoming weeks... including getting myself back on a consistent sleep schedule, drinking more water, and planning out my grocery list for the entire week.  Lately I've been realizing that by the end of the day, I haven't even touched a single glass of water!  Eek.  Wish me luck. 

Photo Credit: taken with Instagram

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