Monday, February 20

Weekend Wrap-Up

When I lived in Indiana I was such a homebody on the weekends, but since I've moved to NYC and started a job working from home, I feel obligated to explore as long as possible on the weekends.  Sometimes the constant exploration means I'm still tired when Monday rolls around.

Since Julia and I were out and about during the week last week, I indulged myself and stayed in most of the weekend.  I started a new book, watched 5 episodes of Friday Night Lights, and went on my first run in a few months.  It felt so nice to just get out and clear my head in Central Park.  Even though there are hundreds of fellow park-goers, it always seems so quiet and peaceful on the running trail.  I also realized perhaps it's time to invest in a better sports bra...

A few things to share:
  • Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler guest star on Saturday Night Live
  • Have you seen Closet Visit?  I have always been strangely drawn to seeing the inside of peoples' homes and closets, and this does both!  I loved the beautiful closet and home of clothing designer Momo Suzuki.
  • A music mix to help you get down to business, courtesy of Kate Miss.  
  • I'm thinking about framing this tea towel for our "kitchen", i.e. our 20 square foot space we try our best to cook in.
  • Anthropologie's Shirt Lookbook: your guide to making an oxford shirt less formal. 

Photo Credit: unknown

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