Tuesday, February 28

Two Years Later...

Today Laurent and I are celebrating our two year anniversary!  It's pretty amazing to take a day to look back at all the wonderful things he's brought into my life (the very best rosemary quiche, an extensive Woody Allen film collection, an uncanny ability to take me from crying to laughing in a few seconds flat, etc.) and reflect on the great times we've had together in Bloomington and NYC. 

Proof that I've got a keeper?  He barely put up a fight when, in a "just bought an iPhone, must take pictures" frenzy, I snapped this photo of him with my other main man, Bearski.  We don't have any plans for the night, but I'm hoping we'll take his new sportscoat and my new dress out for a fancy spin soon.

Photo Credit: taken with Instagram


  1. Time flies when you're having fun!. Congrats and love to both of you! We will see you next week!

  2. Congratulations! We're very happy for the two of you. See you soon.
    Adrian & Janice
    (That Yuengling is making me thirsty.)

  3. Oh the days of working at BBC when he would come visit and claim to be visiting Laura :)


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