Monday, February 27

Little Tin Soldier

Have you seen little tin soldier?  I found Sophie's blog at the end of last week and went through all - yes, all - of her 65 pages of posts by Sunday.  I love her simple, age-appropriate style and her quirky school teacher tendencies.  She frequently does a 30 for 30 remix challenge, where she chooses 30 pieces from her wardrobe (tops, bottoms, and shoes), and forms outfits with only these items for 30 days.  I think it's a wonderful idea to see how you can simplify your wardrobe and still have expressive style.

I liked a few of the tips she laid out for editing your wardrobe.  If you have some "fraternal twins" in your closet - say three black turtlenecks - clear out all but your favorite.  Make a mental note to steer clear of such items the next time you go shopping. 

I don't advise this for everyone, but if you find yourself wanted to add things to an already enormous wardrobe, try this tip for a little while.  If you buy a new item, donate a similar item.  For instance, if you absolutely cannot live without a new dress, find an old dress to donate.  This will help you to a.) mentally catalog your current wardrobe b.) better evaluate your new purchases and c.) create a closet you cannot bear to lose.

Photo Credit: little tin soldier

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