Friday, February 24

Have a Delicious Weekend

You know those times when you learn about something just a little bit too late and kick yourself?  I just heard about this now-sold-out grilled cheese competition happening in NYC, and I'm filled with emotion to say the least. 

On one hand, I am joyous that such an event exists and that grilled cheese is finally getting the attention it deserves.  But on the other, much bigger hand, I am devastated that such an event will go on without me in attendance.  If any person out there is fit to judge a grilled cheese competition while drinking some beer and soda, it is me. 

I suppose I will have to taste test the competitors on my own time.  I've already got Melt Shop under my belt, only 6 more to go.  Here's to a delicious weekend!

Photo Credit: The New York Times

1 comment:

  1. Have you been to S'Mac? If not, you must. Every kind of mac n cheese!


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