Saturday, January 7

Well the Fun's Over Now...

Today is January 7, 2012, and for many of us who graduated in May of 2011, it is also doomsday.  Goodbye spending money, hello student loan repayment.

Join me as I brainstorm ways to have no-money fun.

  • Go to the dog park.  There is no possible way to not enjoy yourself when you're surrounded by puppies.  There's a dog park a few blocks from my apartment and it allows me to get in my puppy fix until I'm able to get my own pet.
  • Rent a stack of movies from the library or grab a good book.  Libraries are so underutilized!  Check out all the amazing films and books you can get fo free.
  • Find a free comedy club. They're hard to come by, but many cities will have free standup or improv for comedians just getting their start.  Sometimes you'll just watch duds, but most of the time you'll find some amazing performers.
  • Take a hiking daycation with a group of friends.  Find a place nearby, pile into a car and get out in nature (okay, so the gas will cost you, but you can split it). 
  • Host a game night.  Just be prepared that some trash-talking will inevitably ensure and friends may be lost.  A small price to pay for no-money fun, right?
  • And, the best no money fun of all- get cozy with your main squeeze.  You'll forget all about the $300 you're now deducting from your paychecks...

Anyone have any no-money fun ideas to add to the list?

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