Monday, January 23

Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, I took my own advice and had a long, restful weekend.  We got our first real dose of snow in NYC on Saturday morning, which was all the excuse I needed to sleep in until 10:30 on Saturday and 12:00 on Sunday, listen to records, and watch the latest episode of Parks and Recreation.

On Saturday, Laurent and I made an enormous breakfast (raspberry pancakes, hash browns, eggs, orange juice) and I followed that up with an enormous dinner at my friend Katelyn's (pesto pasta, salad, bread, brie, wine, more wine, desert).  And in honor of the snowy city, we busted out the Swiss Miss hot chocolate last night.  So much food, so little physical exercise.

On Saturday, I went out with some friends to Ward III, a bar in Tribeca which allows you to create your own bespoke cocktails.  The bespoke cocktails are made based on your preference of five things - spirit, texture, spice, flavor, and/or fruit.  The concoctions that I had were dangerously delicious, which led to the previously stated sleeping in until noon on Sunday. 

It was pretty crowded when we first got there around 11, but the crowd died down significantly towards the end of the night.  I think I'll go back on a weekday or earlier in the evening to try the food options and a few more custom-made cocktails. 

What about you?  How was your weekend?

My 10-year-old cousin, Noah, was in his local newspaper for being a recycling machine at school! Pretty cool, huh? Watch out Lisa P. Jackson, soon you'll have competition for the head of the EPA.

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