Monday, January 9

Weekend Wrap-Up

There are so many amazing things to see in NYC, but when you travel primarily by subway underground it's easy to miss things that are just around the corner.

I didn't have any plans this weekend and the weather was so great that I decided to put on my walking shoes and head down one street at a time.  I'm hoping to make a habit of it, but we'll see if the weather permits here in the next few weeks.

On Saturday, I started at our apartment and headed down Madison Avenue until I hit Grand Central (51 blocks!).  On the way, I popped into Laduree to get a few of their the world-famous macaroons and met Laurent for hot dogs in the park.  There's an amazing organic hot dog vendor who has veggie dogs in Central Park, which I'm so thankful for because I get to take part in the NYC "dirty water dog" tradition. 

Sunday, we went to a local cafe for muffins and croissants before Laurent went to work,  I headed to Barnes and Noble to catch up on some reading, stopped into J.Crew for this bag (I bought a similar one at Target last year and it broke at the end of the season... Thanks John and Amy for the gift certificate!), and went over to the Upper West Side to walk down Broadway. 

We finished the weekend with a quiet night in watching Planet Earth and ordering tickets for "It's Always Right Now, Until It's Later".  I can't wait to head over to Brooklyn in a few weeks to see the show.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Photo Credit: Rockstar Diaries

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