Tuesday, January 3

The Wild Veggie Burger Hunt

I'm on the hunt for the best (veggie) burger in NYC... So far Laurent and I have tried:

  • Bareburger: Organic, all-natural, sustainable.  So delicious!  They have really great, interesting combinations and the brioche buns are perfect.  We took my family here over Labor Day weekend and everyone went home happy.  I would suggest ordering the hand-crafted Maine root beer and a side of onion rings too.  Go all out.
  • Joy's Burger Bar: This place in lower Harlem is known for its sauces.  You can choose from homemade garlic mayo, chimichurri, pesto, spicy mayo, BBQ, spicy mango chutney, dijon mustard, sweet chili, and honey mustard.  I would suggest eating in because the atmosphere adds to the experience.  The employees wear car mechanic coveralls and the place is decked out with vintage signs. 

Last night, we tried Stand 4, a burger bar at Union Square.  Unfortunately I can't give any meat recommendations, but I had the veggie burger and fries and was very pleased!  The hand cut fries were perfectly cooked and the veggie burger was seasoned so well.  Plus, my burger came with an onion marmalade and house made ketchup.  Yum yum yum. 

If you'll be in NYC anytime soon, I highly recommend these three spots.  Let the search continue...

Photo Credit: Edible Queens

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