Saturday, January 28

Unwind This Weekend

Hope you all have a chance to take a little time for yourselves over the weekend...  It seems like a good weekend to just unwind and curl up with a good book. 

Have you had a chance to hear Michael Kiwanuka?  The 23-year-old British artist with Ugandan heritage was featured on NPR a few weeks back and has a full-length album, Home Again, coming out in March.  If the album is as good as the tracks he has already released, I might have a new go-to for quiet nights in.  You can listen to 5 tracks on NPR here, or search on YouTube.

Also... a look into a rent-controlled apartment in Greenwich Village that goes for $331.76/month and a look into the most expensive apartment in NYC

Some hair envy over here. 

And a happy birthday card and congratulations card for your crude friends. 

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