Monday, January 30

Style File: Keri Russell

It's back!  Style File kicks back up with the always lovely Keri Russell.  You may have noticed here and here and here that I have a serious girl crush on Keri Russell.

What's not to love?  She is the master of casual chic, and best of all she looks so approachable.  Even at an awards shows or a red carpet event, she looks effortless, often tying her hair in a loose bun or wearing a simple t-shirt with a blazer.  If you ever doubt the importance of buying well-tailored, classic pieces, please see the pictures above.  And speaking of pictures... check out her amazing Brooklyn home, which she designed with her craftsman husband.

P.S. Do you remember when she cut off her signature curly hair and Felicity's ratings dropped significantly?  I looked up the statistics today and in the 1999 season the show had 4.4 million viewers, but the following season, it only brought in 2.2 million viewers.  Can you imagine your hair having that big of a following?

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