Thursday, January 12

Staying In

Well, winter is finally acting a little bit more like winter here in NYC.  Still no sign of snow, but the temperature has dropped and it was pretty dreary all day. 

In honor of the winter cold front, I'd like to share a little game worth staying in for: Sequence.  If the box, which says, "It's fun.  It's exciting.  It's challenging.  It's Sequence." doesn't sell you on the game, I'll try my hand.  Grab two or three players (or teams) and have a warm, fun night in!

Players are dealt a certain number of cards (depending on the number of players), and then take turns to play these cards, placing a chip of their color on one of the corresponding card images on the board. The object of the game is to form a "sequence", meaning a row of five poker-like chips on the game board before the other players or teams.

There's enough luck involved that beginners won't feel like the odds are stacked against them but enough strategy involved that you can improve with each game. 

If that doesn't excite you, there's a new episode of Parks and Recreation on tonight!  Oh, and rumor has it Paul Rudd will soon be joining the cast as Leslie's Knope's political rival.  Can't wait to tune in...

Photo Credit: Lee Charles Kelley, A Well-Traveled Woman

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