Thursday, January 19

St. Dymphna's

St. Dymphna's is a fantastic pub located in the East Village on St. Mark's Place.  Laurent and I have been there twice, and both times we have had great service and satisfying food and drinks.  They have a great variety of beers on tap and their happy hour is from 12-8.  If you go in for dinner, you'll be able to grab a drink for $4-$6 (I highly recommend the Strongbow or Magner's Pear Cider) while listening to classic tunes from the late '60s and early '70s.

The atmosphere is so cozy and warm, and it's an added bonus that there are so many tables.  We recently went on a busy Thursday night and were still able to grab a table and enjoy a long dinner.  Grab a few friends for dinner and try some of our favorite hearty options: French onion soup, veggie burger, or shepherd's pie.

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