Friday, January 6

Mentioning the Unmentionables

As hard as I try, it is hard for me to wrap my head around the whole lingerie shopping experience.  Whenever I find a bra I love, it's often so far out of my price range.  Plus, it's hard for me to legitimize buying expensive bras when specialists recommend replacing your bras so frequently.  I bought a backpack at an outlet 15 years ago for $20 and it has accompanied me on every school day and vacation, yet most of my bras don't even make it to the 6-month mark.

Well, this week I caved and went to Bloomingdale's and found the most amazing specialist who made me slightly more accepting of the lingerie buying experience.  About 2 hours later, I walked out with a handful of wonderful pieces that I'm very happy with... but the price!  Man, the frugal side of me will never adjust to that.  I guess it takes a lot of engineering and fabric to keep me contained. 

It's a little outside of my comfort zone to broadcast my undies to the world, but I wanted to share a few suggestions because bra shopping can be so frustrating, especially for those with hard to find sizes! 

I would recommend a professional bra fitting from Bloomingdale's, Linda's Bra Salon (if you live in NYC), or Nordstrom.  Under no circumstances should you get measured at Victoria's Secret.  I'm pretty sure they don't calculate your size so much as haphazardly glance at the measuring tape and guestimate your size.  I try to go at least once a year to make sure I'm still the same size. 

If you find a bra that fits well, look online to see what other colors are available.  Here are a few brands I like...

Plain Jane, Everyday
  • Freya (available in sizes 30D to 40F) $
  • Chantelle (available in sizes 32B to 40D) $$$
  • Le Mystere (available in sizes 30B to 44H) $$
Prettier Pieces

Remember to only buy things you absolutely love and that fit you well.  It's a good rule of thumb to ask a specialist to come into the fitting room with you once you've decided on your favorite bras and ask for a second opinion.  She'll let you know if they really fit and recommend washing directions.  Happy hunting! 

Photo Credit: Jolouse Fashion

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