Tuesday, January 31

It's Laundry Day!

Is there any time of the week that forces self-reflection more than laundry day?  Most of us NYC dwellers have to drag our laundry down a few flights of stairs and across at least an avenue or two.  It is during this trek every week that I begin to do the cost-benefit analysis of laundering my jeans only once a month, turning my underwear inside out and wearing it twice, and not trying to put food in my mouth while watching TV.  Are any of these things worth a reduction in laundry basket weight? 

You also have a chance to look back at the way you've presented yourself since the previous laundry day.  It's a debilitating feeling when you realize in retrospect that you have, in fact, not worn a pair of proper pants in two weeks.

Well, yesterday as I was folding my laundry I realized I might be nearing "clothing rut" territory.  No, this is not an Instagram camera filter.  Every single thing in my pile was indeed denim, chambray, or blue and white striped.

So in an effort to mix it up a bit, I think I'll try out these style resolutions I found over at Boden.  Or maybe I'll take baby steps instead and try out these red and white stripes I saw at Anthropologie...

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

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