Wednesday, January 25

It's Always Right Now, Until It's Later

Last night, Laurent and I went to DUMBO to see Daniel Kitson's one man show "It's Always Right Now, Until It's Later" at St. Ann's Warehouse.  His storytelling was so engaging, touching, and humorous that I've been thinking about it all day.     

"This is a show about every single one of us, the past in our pockets, the future in our hearts and us, ourselves, very much stuck, trapped forever, in the tiny eternal moment between the two."

The performance opened with Kitson weaving his way through the hanging lights onstage and pausing at the brightest bulb.  Surrounding it with his hands, he told us that in this moment, William Rivington was dying.  And that bulb over there?  That was the exact moment that Caroline Carpenter was being born.

The remainder of the show, Kitson roamed meaningfully across the stage, unraveling a story at each brightened bulb. William Rivington and Caroline Carpenter were, as we found out, inhabitants in England at roughly the same time who had never formally met.  For 90 minutes, Kitson beautifully illuminated the lives of these two characters.  His descriptions were unbelievably precise, his delivery nearly flawless.

Take for instance, Kitson's description of William's last days.  Years ago, William settled on what his last words would be, and as death loomed, he realized he was entering into a dangerous guessing game.  William utters his last words nine days early, and spends the rest of his dying days in defiant silence, barely able to resist the urge to tell off a priest come to give him last rites.

Tickets are sold out in NYC, but I highly recommend seeing this show if it comes to your city!

Photo Credit: The New York Times

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