Tuesday, January 24

Hello 21st Century, You Look So Lovely...

After all the years of resistance, I have joined the iPhone community!  I have never really felt a strong urge to have a smart phone, but recently I have been finding more and more reasons to make the leap. 
  1. NYC is enormous!  I have the general neighborhoods down, but finding a particular street on foot can turn into a daylong affair if I set off without consulting Google beforehand.     
  2. Turns out iPhones are much less expensive when you sign a contract.  I genuinely thought everyone who had an iPhone was forking over $650.  As you can see, I had done very little research in this area.   
  3. I found the iPhone case pictured above and I thought, "The time for an iPhone is now. The very first attractive, patterned case has made its way into your life, and that is not by mistake."  I'm embarrassed to admit just how much this case influenced my decision. 
So... fellow iPhone users, I need your help!  I've downloaded the Instagram and Yelp apps, what else do you recommend? 

P.S. Could someone please explain to me if there is a way to track your data usage throughout the month?  Also, what uses data- accessing the internet, some apps, anything else?  I'm a beginner here...

Photo Credit: Society 6


  1. first- you did not tell us where the case can be found... maybe your next blog could be where people can find cute I-Phone cases.... I don't want to search alone...
    Second... APPS... all about APPS...you can download a fifth third app so you can quickly log into your account, also pandora (duh), scoutmob (discounts in large cities new york is one), shazam (hear a good tune but don't know the name, it can hear it in the background and tell you what it is), touchtunes (any place you are going that plays touchtunes music you can play songs from your phone....sweet to move over bad songs), tango (facetime for more users and allows minimal internet service to perform), NPR music (dont need an explantion you will love it for random music information), you can set duly noted as a app, words with friends, hanging with friends, groupon.... enough said!
    Third- usage can be found when you click on.... settings, general, usage

    Hope this helps!

    Ohh and when you get more comments, can you post what other apps people have and why they are great!

  2. opps that was from me... Elizabeth

  3. Tumblita is a great Tumblr app by kyle z. Voxer is a nice social app. Check out scramble w friends, temple run, high noon, tiny wings and amazing breaker if you're looking for games. Phtosynth and pictoframe are cool photo apps. there's a ton of stuff lo!



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