Thursday, January 26

The Dreaded Bedding

What is the DEAL with bedding these days?  I've got an itch to switch up my bedding, but there's not a single option out there that has me excited.  Originally I went on the hunt for a duvet cover, but I quickly realized that was going nowhere fast. 

So I opened my search up to sheets, then to pillowcases, then to decorative throws.  Nothin. Nada. Zilch.

My parents had the same situation when they were replacing their comforter a few years back.  Everything is too floral, too modern, too boring, too expensive, too geometric, too bright.

The only set that piqued my interest was this set from Dwell Studio, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing I spent $260.00 on just sheets.  And that kind of defeats the whole purpose right?  Plus, it's veering into the "geometric" category more than I'd like. 

Laurent and I have a studio apartment, so our bedding takes center stage.  None of it really matches, and none of it really works with the rest of our apartment.  Any tips?  I love the look of the bed featured up top!

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