Wednesday, January 18

The Chambray Shirt

Is there anything better than a chambray button-down?  I've had a boyfriend style chambray shirt from Target for a couple years, and I think the cost per wear is now down to a few pennies. 

They're classic, but not too clean, and dressy, but not too stuffy.  Whereas most button-downs need to be crisply ironed, chambray shirts actually look better a little roughed up.  Plus, you can get so much wear out of one piece!  With the right style and fit, you can make them work for just about any occasion. 

Recently, I picked up a faded chambray pullover from J.Crew and darker chambray dress (similar to the one above, but not quite) during their 30% off holiday sale.  They've both seen so much wear in the past month that I have to consciously tell myself to not reach for them every morning.

Then I saw this picture of Keri Russell (only 10 days after delivering a baby!).  I've never really like the look of short sleeve button-downs on me, but this might change my mind.  Plus, I've found the source of said shirt - J.Crew - and it's in my price range.  Is there such a thing as too much chambray?  Have I already passed that point?

P.S. Do you say button-down or button-up shirt? 

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