Sunday, December 18

Why We Broke Up Project

Have you heard of The Why We Broke Up Project?  Min Green and Ed Slaterton recently wrote a novel about their relationship and ultimate breakup, and set up a tumblr where people could submit their own breakup stories.  I'll admit I wasn't terribly interested by the breakup posts.  Most were pretty similar to one another and fell into one of three categories: a.) we were too far apart b.) he/she never really loved me c.) he/she was cheating on me. 

However, there was one exception that made me laugh out loud...

"You don’t know the difference between you’re/your, to/two/too, or they’re/there/their."

Haha!  Maybe that seems a bit extreme to you, but I think poor grammar would be the kiss of death for me as well.  I imagine (and hope) this wasn’t the only issue in their relationship.

Photo Credit: Housing Works

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