Sunday, December 25

When Parents Text

My mom is one of my favorite people to get text messages from because they are always so entertaining.  She usually limits her texts to a few words, all in lowercase letters- but recently she sent "My next question is WHERE'S YOUR XMAS IDEA LIST?".  I'm not sure at what point she learned to capitalize letters, but I just imagined her furiously typing out that message and it made me laugh... 

Laurent got this book for my parents for Christmas, full of funny texts sent by parents.  Some are funny due to their absurd content, while others are funny because parents seem to get carried away when they start to get the hang of texting - overusing acronyms, inventing emoticons, sending multiple texts within a short period of time.

A few of my personal favorite submissions (probably because they remind me of things my dad would say if he knew how to text):

Photo Credit: She is Too Fond of Books

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