Wednesday, December 21

Tiny Ass Apartment

Note: This is not our apartment, just a cute tiny ass apartment.  Please also note that I am not fond of the rug choice.  However, I would gladly take the rest of it.  

Before I moved to NYC, I spent about 40% of my summer days looking at apartment design websites, trying to find ways to maximize our little studio.  I think we've made great use of all the 350 square feet we have, and despite such small living quarters Laurent and I have managed to fit all of our belongings (fairly) easily.  All it took was a small purge at the very beginning and a trip to Ikea of all places to find the perfect couch and bookshelves to fit our little home.  Plus my dad made the most amazing desk to fit an otherwise useless nook.  Seriously, words can't do it justice and unfortunately I don't have my camera here. 

I only found the website Tiny Ass Apartment, which has creative ideas for cramped living spaces, plus the author is pretty entertaining to read. 

The article NYC's Smallest Apartment Just Got Smaller also gave me some perspective.  Check out how small this space is! 78 SQUARE FEET!

Here are a few apartments that look great despite a lack of square footage.

Photo Credit: Unknown

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