Monday, December 12

Style File: Elizabeth Olsen

Is it just me or is Elizabeth Olsen all over the place these days?  I'm pretty happy about this recent development because:

a.) I need at least one Olsen to keep up on. Mary Kate & Ashley - What are you up to other than making wildly successful $39,000 alligator handbags?  I'm still waiting on Season 2 of So Little Time...

b.) She has such great style.  Doesn't she look like a hip art teacher who just happened to become famous?  I think it's so refreshing to see young stars that have such developed, age-appropriate style.  Who knew that this stylish lady was hiding in The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of Thorn Mansion and The Case of the Christmas Caper?

I'm not a huge fan of psychological thrillers.  As in I had to take a long breather halfway through Gothika as an adult, and I'm still recovering from the eye that pops up in the fence in What Lies Beneath.  But Olsen’s new movie Martha Marcy May Marlene is getting such good reviews that I'm tempted to brave it...

P.S. In Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style he says that too often women believe the following syllogism, “Long hair is beautiful.  I have long hair.  Ergo, my hair is beautiful."  Isn't Elizabeth Olsen a great example of a woman with short hair that works? 

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