Thursday, December 8

La Di Da...


Has anyone had a chance to pick up Diane Keaton’s new book, Then Again? I have a few books on my plate right now, but I’m hoping to pick it up before I go home for the holidays.  

"Then Again" is like most celebrity memoirs in the sense that Keaton touches on all the topics we want to know about: her rise to stardom, her relationships with Warren Beatty, Woody Allen, and Al Pacino, and her meetings with icons like Jackie Kennedy and Diana Vreeland.  However, the majority of the book is centered on Keaton's reflections about her family.  In fact, she employs her late mother's diary entries throughout the memoir to cast light upon her upbringing.

New York Times book reviewer Sheila Weller wrote, “Keaton is bitingly wry, ironic and tough about herself, but pleadingly earnest and passionate when writing of her mother, to whom she feels she owes her success, her self-esteem — just about everything. It’s as if she’s bargaining with her readers: she’ll open her life to view and dish the dirt she knows we want, as long as we love her mother as she did.” 

Fingers crossed she will also explain her love affair with turtlenecks, gloves, and anything belted.  I am also hoping to learn how her hair is so damn perfect in Something's Gotta Give, but I doubt she even knows that would be a topic of interest for readers. 

P.S. Did you know that Woody Allen’s Annie Hall was named after Diane Keaton, whose real name is Diane “Annie” Hall?  She took on her mother's maiden name early in her career because there was already a Diane Hall in the Actors Guild. 

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  1. I enjoyed this post immensely. Your descriptions are delicious to read.

  2. hi lauren! saw your blog link on facebook.
    number 1: i miss working with you!
    number 2: i did get diane's book! i'm only a chapter or two into it but i love it so far. definitely check it out soon!

    hope you're doing well!


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