Wednesday, December 7

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Have you all heard of the game The Settlers of Catan (Die Siedler von Catan)?  I was introduced by my friend Katelyn and have since been on an endless quest to recruit players ever since.  So much so that when my boyfriend and I moved to New York we (only half jokingly) looked up Die Siedler playing groups in our area. 

I might be biased because my sister and I used to play Thirteen Dead End Drive frequently - which, if you’re unfamiliar, can take up to 2 hours just to set up depending on the state of your board and the availability of rubber bands in your house to secure the plastic chandelier which I’m pretty sure was not manufactured for more than one use but was integral to the game - but I think Die Siedler is a pretty quick game to learn and play. 

Trust me play a few times with your friends and family over the holidays.  Soon you will all be pitching in for the extension packs - yes they exist, and yes I’ve researched them extensively.

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