Friday, December 16

Have a Relaxing Weekend...

Hope everyone has a chance to sleep in all weekend and watch some movies under the covers. 

A few things on my agenda...
  • Stroll through Venture to gather Christmas wrapping material tonight
  • Catch up on Parks and Recreation.  Wasn't last week's episode great? 
  • Listen to more records on our new, beautiful turntable!  I know nothing about sound quality, but I'm enjoying having this bad boy in our home.  Hopefully we can bring out the Nat King Cole...
  • Go to the Chelsea Market for brunch and book browsing (and Anthropologie browsing if I'm lucky)
  • Try on these Tretorn boots
  • Grab a veggie hot dog from Good to Go Organics

Plus, Laurent and I are going ice skating sometime soon!  I was hoping for Central Park, but they close pretty early on Monday, which is the only night Laurent has off.  Looks like we'll probably head to Bryant Park.

Photo Credit: unknown

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