Wednesday, December 14

Burning Down the House

Growing up, my dad taught my sister and I that a candle is the single most dangerous thing anyone could have in their home.  While this is a bit of an exaggeration, it was probably true for our house.  He was living with three women who took fire safety rather lightly.  While we didn't have any weapons or sharp objects, my sister and I would regularly leave a flame unattended for hours on end.  My mom also caught the armpit of her favorite sweatshirt on fire leaning over the dinner table, so you can see why he was concerned...

So for many years, I was able to resist purchasing candles with ease.  This wasn't much of a sacrifice because, with rare exception, most scented candles smell terrible.  Here are the rare exceptions I've found: 

I've never bought the Ambre candle because $44 is a bit too steep for me, but it smells amazing.  Also, I can't recommend the perfume enough (also $44, but the cost per use is much lower).

In case you're in the mood to dance around, here are some accompanying sounds for this post: Talking Heads, "Burning Down the House".

Photo Credit: Barker and Stonehouse

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